About Slam Sports

In 2006, with sports like soccer, lacrosse and rugby all growing rapidly in the USA, a particular need arose in southern California.  It needed a local sporting goods store... and in 2007,  Soccer, Lacrosse and More, was born!  Slam, as the locals called it, focused on those popular niche sports .  By limiting the sports it supported, the company could provide great products and knowledgeable service at a competitive price.

Spotting a great opportunity to bring commerce and sports to a new level by working with local and regional leagues, teams and athletes, we (Dan and Dagmar Foy) took over Slam on Christmas Eve, 2011.  In keeping with the local's lingo, the company name was officially changed to Slam Sports.  With open dialogue between the community of customers and Slam staff, it was an easy decision to expand into water sports such as swim, water polo and Jr. Lifeguards, as well as indoor and outdoor volleyball.  Customers wanted a place that had knowledgeable staff, quality products, competitive prices and they found it at Slam Sports.  By expanding both our retail floor space and stock room and hiring extra knowledgeable staff, we are able to meet the needs of both the local community as well as the online community without losing focus on Soccer, Lacrosse or Rugby.  (In fact, both Rugby and Lacrosse product offerings have since doubled!)

Beyond selling sporting goods, our goal is to connect the community, players and sports teams together.  With the addition of our "Community Board" players, parents and teams, can all connect and get information about what's happening with sports in the community. How cool is that?!

Passion.  Community.  Integrity.

These three words encompass our business beliefs and philosophy. 

We are Passionate about sports, and getting both children and adults involved.  We value the health and personal character development aspects that sports build in players.  Sports provide important lessons that have lifelong affects on a person.  Even with the store keeping us crazy busy, both of us still play and coach sports year round (we just couldn't give it up!).

Community can take many shapes and sizes.  For us, it is about participating in and having a positive affect on the communities that surround us.  That could be our local city or county, the sports communities, the internet community and more.  Slam Sports is proud to donate money to clubs and teams for scholarships, equipment and more.  We support our local Boys & Girls Club and are happy to give back to our local heroes with military discounts and a free soccer cleat program.

Integrity.  Above all else, we operate with integrity and expect that from our employees and partners.  It is about more than just business.  It's about relationships.  It's about helping others.  It's about continually striving to make things better. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Virtually or Actually.  We appreciate it.

Dan & Dagmar Foy


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